Amazon Echo update available TODAY and brings these new features to your smart speaker

Amazon Echo update available TODAY and brings these new features to your smart speaker

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The Amazon Echo has just received a major update (Image: AMAZON)

Echo owners can now make these popular devices a little more personal with a new update that’s just been released in the UK today.

has announced that users can now access the Alexa Skill Blueprints which offer a wide variety of personalised experiences.

This update basically allows you to create your own way of interacting with Alexa without needing to learn any code.

Using Amazon’s templates you can set up your speaker to provide helpful information, create family chore charts or have some fun with your favourite jokes.

For example, if you have a guest staying with you, you can create a House Guest skill so that they can ask, “Alexa, where’s the hairdryer” or “Alexa, what’s the wifi password?”.

You can also customise your own Alexa questions and answers with the Custom Q&A template, so you can ask “Alexa, who is the fairest of them all?” Or you can help divide up the family chores with Chore Chart, so you can ask “Alexa, ask chore chart what are my chores today”.

“Alexa Skill Blueprints is an entirely new way for you to teach Alexa personalized skills just for you and your family,” said Amazon’s Alexa Vice President Steve Rabuchin.

“You don’t need experience building skills or coding to get started—my family created our own jokes skill in a matter of minutes, and it’s been a blast to interact with Alexa in a totally new and personal way.”

There’s a total of 22 templates with each offering a different set of skills.

Alexa Blueprints update

The Alexa Blueprints update is now available in the UK (Image: AMAZON)



Custom Q&A – Customise Alexa’s responses to your questions

Sidekick – Alexa always has your back with these supportive and funny responses

Houseguest – Welcome your guests with a guide to your home and neighbourhood

Pet Sitter – Help your pet sitter or friends and family care for your favourite animal

Babysitter – Help the babysitter find things. Remember steps, and get important info

Whose Turn – Figure out whose turn it is to do something – make tea, take out the rubbish – by having Alexa choose for you

Chore chart – Schedule weekly chores for your entire household

Flatmate – Leave important information for your flatmates, like when the next bill is due