Amazon Echo upgrade and why it's a BAD idea to buy these Alexa devices right now

Amazon Echo upgrade and why it's a BAD idea to buy these Alexa devices right now

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Amazon’s Echo devices are getting a major refresh (Image: AMAZON)

announced earlier this month that it was .

These updates will bring improvements to the sound, design and smart home features of many of these popular gadgets.

However, with a release not until next month many of their predecessors are still on sale and some are even being discounted.

Amazon’s own website makes it very clear what’s coming soon but many high street retailers are stocking the current range of speakers which will soon be outdated.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a new Echo here’s our guide on what to buy right now and what to leave on the store shelves.

Products not to buy right now


Amazon’s mini Echo Dot is already one of the firm’s biggest sellers and it’s currently got an inviting £10 discount reducing the price to just £39.99.

However, before you rush into buying one it’s worth knowing that a new Dot is coming very soon.

This updated speaker is getting a more curvaceous look, new fabric case and much better audio.

In fact, Amazon is boasting that its latest Dot will sound 70 percent louder than its predecessor.

WHEN IS IT OUT? The new Echo Dot is available to pre-order now and is released October 11.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The new Dot will set you back £49.99.

Amazon Echo

A new Echo Dot will arrive next month (Image: AMAZON)


Another smart speaker that is best kept away from your shopping basket is the Echo Plus.

Amazon has announced a big refresh coming to this smart speaker with it getting a much more compact design and improved smart home compatibility.

This new look and advanced features makes the current Plus look pretty dated.

With its built-in hub, the all-new Echo Plus also makes setting up compatible smart home devices easy.

Just say, “Alexa, discover my devices,” and Echo Plus will do the rest.

WHEN IS IT OUT? The new Echo Plus is available to pre-order now and is released October 11

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The new Plus will set you back £139.99

Amazon Echo

The Echo Plus gets a new design and improved smart home features (Image: AMAZON)

Amazon Echo

The Echo Show will get a bigger display in October’s upgrade (Image: AMAZON)


The Echo Show launched last year and brings a screen to the Alexa speaker family.

Amazon is currently not selling last year’s Show but other retailers are.

Buying one now is definitely not a good idea as this device got a big update at the launch in Seattle.

It now including a much larger 10-inch HD display, better sound with improved bass and a built-in smart home hub.

WHEN IS IT OUT? The new Echo Plus is available to pre-order now and is released October 11

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The new Plus will set you back £219.99

Amazon Echo

The standard Echo was not updated in Amazon’s big refresh (Image: AMAZON)

Products that aren’t being refreshed in the latest update


The standard Echo was updated last year and is staying the same for now.

Amazon didn’t reveal any news about this smart speaker so it’s a pretty safe purchase at the minute.

The Echo continues to be one of the best smart speakers available right now and, with a compact design and Alexa voice assistant baked it, it’s a hardly surprising.


All of the Fire TV products were left untouched at Amazon’s event so there’s no news on any changes.

The online retailer does refresh the Fire throughout the year but nothing appears imminent.

Amazon Fire 8

Amazon Fire 8 tablet has just been refreshed (Image: AMAZON)


Amazon has recently refreshed its tablets with the launch of the all-new Fire HD 8.

From a quick glance, there’s not much to differentiate this latest tablet from its predecessors but the HD 8 has a very neat trick up its sleeve with something called ‘Show Mode’.

This extra feature basically transforms the tablet into a smart home device with the screen instantly being switched to show useful data such as local weather, news and your upcoming events.

Along with this new feature you can expect all the usual specs from an Amazon tablet including a decent 8-inch display, fast Quad-core processor and front/rear facing cameras.

There’s also dual stereo speakers optimised for Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos for enhanced realism and dynamic range.

Amazon is also boasting that, in tumble tests, the all-new Fire HD 8 is twice as durable as Apple’s iPad Mini 4.

Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Echo speaker is getting better sound via the new Sub speaker (Image: AMAZON)


Although many of Amazon’s devices getting a refresh, there’s also plenty of new products arriving on the market including the Echo Sub.

This is the first wireless subwoofer for those who want to pump up the bass and get the party started with their Echos.

The Echo Sub released October 11 – price £119.99

The Dot might be cheap but now there’s an Echo that costs even less.

The Echo Input is an all-new device that simply adds the Alexa personal assistant to any speaker you may have lying around the house.

It connects through a cable or Bluetooth and features a four-microphones so Alexa should never miss you shouting at her.

New Amazon Echo

The Echo Input brings Alexa to any speaker (Image: AMAZON)

Echo Input released later this year – price £34.99

Along with new speakers, Amazon is also launching a Smart Plug.

This connected device is the first Wi-Fi smart plug to use Wi-Fi simple setup, making it easier to start – and expand – your smart home.

It also allows you to switch on the kettle or turn off the lights just by speaking to it.

Amazon Smart Plug released October 11 – price £24.99

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