Amazon Echo upgrade this week as popular smart speakers get massive refresh

Amazon Echo upgrade this week as popular smart speakers get massive refresh

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Amazon Echo update goes on sale this week (Image: AMAZON)

announced a big refresh to its smart speakers late last month with a bunch of upgrades and new features coming to the popular range of Echo devices.

Now some of these products are finally arriving in stores with customers able to get their hands on them from later this week.

And one upgrade that could prove hugely popular is the that features a glowing time stamp under its mesh design.

This LED display can be adjusted to the brightness of your room and there’s also now the option to tap the speaker to get a little extra snooze time when its morning alarm begins to sound.

The Dot with a clock will be available from October 16 and costs £59.99.

Along with updated Dot, Amazon’s all-new Echo speaker is also on sale very soon.

This device has been beefed up with a new look and improved audio quality to match the more expensive Echo Plus.

That means it gets a 3-inch woofer and increased volume which will help to make the bass feel stronger and the overall sound a little clearer.

Along with a new look and upgraded audio, there’s also some extra colours with Amazon releasing a Twilight Blue option.

The new Echo will also begin shipping on October 16 and costs £89.99.

Amazon Echo Dot with clock

Amazon Echo Dot with clock (Image: AMAZON)

Those two products are the first to be officially released but there is more coming from Amazon over the next few weeks.

These additional devices include the big-sounding Echo Studio which now packs more powerful audio plus there’s an Echo Show 8 that features an 8-inch screen.

The Echo Studio will be available on November 7 with the Show 8 coming on November 21.

Although the speakers sound good, there is one final product that will be hitting stores soon that you can take away from the home.

The have been launched in a bid to rival Apple’s AirPods and they arrive with some extra features and a cheaper £119.99 price.

Along with a wireless connection to your phone and instant access to Alexa, you’ll also find Active Noise Reduction powered by Bose.

There’s no release date yet but expect some news on these in-ear headphones soon.

Even though Amazon is releasing all these shiny new gadgets, it hasn’t forgotten about those with older Echos.

Amazon Echo Dot with clock

Amazon Echo Dot with clock (Image: AMAZON)

These speakers continue to get more features and improved smart functionality and, if you own an Echo, here’s some things to try today:

Alexa, what have you learnt today?”

Alexa, tell me a joke about coffee.”

Alexa, what vegetables are in season?”

Alexa, play the Easy Morning playlist on Amazon Music.”

Alexa, what’s the hardest language to learn?”

Alexa, have you got hiccups?”

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo has been updated with improved audio (Image: AMAZON)

Alexa, open The Inspection Chamber.”
Choose your own adventure in this interactive BBC science-fiction comedy story.

Alexa, can you yodel?”

Alexa, open Kiss Marry Avoid.”

Alexa, tell me something weird.”

Alexa, how many capsules are on The London Eye?”

Alexa, open Word Tennis.”

Alexa, what wine goes well with salmon?”

Alexa, surprise me.”

Alexa, how is my commute?”
To get traffic information, add your starting point and destination under Traffic in the Alexa Preferences section of your Alexa app Settings.

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