For KIm: a Rolls…For Trump: a Cadillac

For KIm: a Rolls…For Trump: a Cadillac

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in CNN footage, appears to have a acquired a Rolls-Royce.

Carwise, two things have changed since the first U.S.-North Korea summit held in Singapore in June: President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have new rides. If a planned second summit is held, the automobiles conveying the two heads of state to the negotiations are likely to garner a heap of attention. There may even be some one-upmanship involved.

First, Kim has apparently traded in his black Mercedes-Maybach limousine for a Rolls-Royce. Based on photos that appeared on CNN, the car looks to be a 2016 or older extended-wheelbase Phantom. Because of international sanctions against North Korea, the car was likely purchased secondhand for cash and exported to the Hermit Kingdom, CNN reported.

In Singapore, Kim got a tour of Trump’s limo, the Cadillac “Beast.” But last month, the Beast was replaced after a decade of service with an all-new, truck-based Cadillac presidential limousine, a gargantuan behemoth custom-built one-off that weighs somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 pounds.

Kim, like his father before him, has a soft spot for foreign luxury cars. It was a modified Lincoln Continental that carried his father, Kim Jong Il, during his funeral in 2011.

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