How Brits Are Profiting From Brexit

How Brits Are Profiting From Brexit

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By ​Mark Spencer​ Last updated ​Jan 3, 2019​​

Many firms and areas of the economy stand to gain in a post-Brexit world and provide investors new opportunities to grow cash, according to experts. Freedom from EU bureaucracy and even a weakened pound are among the factors that could give a welcome boost to certain stocks in the longer term.

And now, many British people are quietly profiting from this financial turmoil….Recent news reports revealed that a mystery online trader scooped £100.000 last week during Brexit related market volatility.

Brexit has caused market turmoil. Now anyone can trade the currency and stock markets to take advantage of this chaos.

After some confusion that the mystery trader could have been a London City stockbroker the true identity was finally revealed on instagram. It has been revealed to be British work-from-home trader Brent Holmes. Holmes is one of a new wave of millionaires from the lucrative online trading industry. He is perhaps one of the more flashy types, with most traders preferring to keep a low profile. Some though, can’t help

to show off their extreme riches and this may be the most extreme example we have seen to date.

British millionaire trader Brent Holmes has every reason to celebrate! He reportedly earns £100.000 per week trading from home.

Now that it has been revealed this is not “yet another rich kid” spending daddy’s wealth, there has been keen interest in how this self made millionaire earned such massive income from online trading on Brexit volatility. Online trading is not new, its been around for a while. But only recently, with regulation relaxed in Europe (which includes the U.K for now) have regular people been able to start trading from home. In fact, these days with the new ​automated technologycreated by ​TradeFredit is easier than ever to setup a trading account.

So, what is “Trading on Brexit” and how did Brent Holmes manage to use it profit by £100.000 per week during the recent market volatility? Online Trading is actually so simple, this is part of its appeal and success. There are only 2 possible outcomes, win or lose. You decide whether the price of a stock or currency like Amazon or Pound Sterling will go up or down. Once the trade is placed, you wait. If you were right and the

stock went up (or down if that’s what you chose) then you win, doubling your money immediately.

Want to swap your boring job for the excitement of trading from home and earning more than you imagined? Now, it has become possible for thousands of people

So, the question is, how do some people manage to “beat the system” every time, winning way more trades than they lose and earning millions in just a few weeks from a very small initial stake? We spoke to James Blake of Blake Associates, a firm advising wealthy clients on how to invest their money. Blake usually manages the fortunes of lottery winners, sports stars and pop singers who came into a lot of money, very quickly. Blake’s research revealed “over 80% of our new clients earned their money in online trading thanks to Brexit”. His firm conducted an internal report that revealed ​more millionaires are created each day in Britain using Online Trading than anywhere else. “It’s much easier to earn £1 million from online trading that to become a sports star or famous singer!” Blake says with a smile. He goes on to say, “It’s remarkable, young men and women without degrees, experience or any financial knowledge are earning millions.” They use free automated technology provided free by the trading platform, so they don’t even need to chose trades. They win a lot more than they lose, so the earnings just shoot up.

James Blake, Senior Wealth Adviser at Blake Associates reports a 500% increase in business in 2018 due to the boom of Brexit trading. “It’s a huge opportunity to create wealth” referring to new millionaires in the U.K, according to Blake

But if it is so easy, why doesn’t everyone do it? Well, this is the key to it. Due to regulations, only a limited number of people can join per day. We asked around the different brokers and most had already filled their quotas. Eventually, we got talking to

TradeFred, one of the leading brokerage firms for Online Trading and also the one used by British millionaire trader Brent Holmes. We asked them to explain how it all works.

The process is surprisingly simple. First, you open a free trading account with them, usually you must be invited by an existing trader but most people can sidestep this as we explain below. Once you have an account, you need to deposit some money to trade with, the minimum starting amount is £200. This is like putting money into your online “wallet”. You can deposit more if you want, the more you start with the quicker your money grows. But you can always just withdraw it. In fact you can deposit it and then withdraw it even if you never trade. So, how do we then start trading? There are 2 options for this. You can place trades yourself. Say you think the price of oil is going to start going up, you can make that trade. But the easiest way is just to put it on “auto pilot”. Let the ​advanced trader technologydo all the trades for you. We also let you “leverage” your trade. This means, we allow you to trade 200X more than in your account, so you can multiply your profit quicker and you can never lose more than your own deposit amount. This is how the “big money” traders do it. It might sound complex or daunting but really anyone could do it.

Online “Brexit” trader Brent Holmes shows off his black Ferrari in Manchester, U.K (image: instagram)

As part of our research, we spoke to Sophie. She was one of the top earning British traders last month with TradeFred. She shared her experience. “When I started I had no idea what I was doing, I just hit the “auto pilot” button, you know? I suppose deep down I was expecting to make a few hundred pounds. But then the money started going up. And the more it went up, it started rising quicker. To be honest, I felt more anxious than excited, if that makes sense. I didn’t believe it was happening. I let it run for a month and then “cashed out”. I only started with £200 but made A LOT more than that. I paid off my student debt and I’m going to travel around America for a few weeks while I think about what to spend the rest on. I’ll keep on trading, too. Its easier than a day job. I’m very grateful for being accepted by the broker. Will I buy a Ferrari? No way, I’m not flashy but I have no problem with anyone who wants to. Real people deserve to be rich, not just rich kids who get jobs in their family business and never have to earn it.” Sophie shared a screenshot of her account with us, which had over £100.000 balance.


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