Jeep teaser leaks 2020 Wrangler-based pickup debut

Jeep teaser leaks 2020 Wrangler-based pickup debut

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An image on the Jeep Scrambler Forum site shows a tarped vehicle with a Jeep Wrangler-esque nose.

A leaked teaser that turned up on the Jeep Scrambler Forum shows that the still-unnamed 2020 Wrangler-based pickup will debut Nov. 28 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It also says the truck will have an “authentic Jeep design” and “Jeep off-road capability.”

While we haven’t seen a camouflage-free Jeep pickup, the teaser outlines squared-off, Wrangler-like fender flares. The tarped vehicle also shows a Wrangler-esque nose and cab design.

The teaser says the pickup will get “next-generation advanced safety systems.” That could mean that it will have creature comforts such as adaptive cruise control, as well as autonomous braking.

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