Best Black Friday deals: Be quick, all Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales end tonight!

Best Black Friday Deals: Find our definitive round-up of the best deals still available in 2022 (Image: GETTY • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

Black Friday is a once-a-year bargain bonanza that sees thousands of retailers slash prices. And it ends tonight.

Yes, Black Friday itself might’ve been and gone (it fell on November 25 this year) but UK retailers have extended the biggest discounts and deals until 11.59pm tonight (Monday November 28, 2022). Today is traditionally known as Cyber Monday, although this branding is less common in recent years, with most websites referring to the entire four-day weekend as the Black Friday sales. Whatever you prefer to call it, it’s an amazing opportunity to secure some bargains before Christmas.

Short on time? We’ve rounded up our top picks for the best Black Friday deals you cannot afford to miss below. If you’re shopping some something specific, we’ve also compiled detailed lists of the best deals on some of the most popular products and brands. Click on the links to jump to the relevant section.

As well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, we’ve got information on everything you need to know to become a Black Friday maestro, including the key timings for sales, tips from bargain-hunting experts, money-saving expert Martin Lewis’ advice on Black Friday sales, and much more.

Top Picks: The Deals You Can’t Afford To Miss

The sheer number of deals launched during Black Friday sales can be a little overwhelming. And let’s be honest, not all Black Friday deals available are worth your time.

To make things a little easier, we’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff.

Below, you’ll find the lowest ever prices, discounts on some of the most sought-after products, deals on essentials like home broadband, free giveaways, and much more. Remember – these discounts won’t be available after 11.59pm tonight, so you’ll need to add to your basket as soon as possible to secure these ultimate deals.

All Black Friday Sales

Worried you might be missing out on latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings from your favourite brand?

Don’t panic, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of every retailer that’s slashed prices in the sales. The vast majority of these sales will vanish from 11.59pm tonight (Monday November 28) so you should act fast if you want to secure the discounts.

Best Air Fryer Deals

Air fryers are one of the most in-demand items right now, with widespread stock shortages are shoppers rush to secure their new appliances before Christmas. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, you’ll be pleased to know that a number of retailers have discounted these highly sought-after kitchen gadgets in the Black Friday sales.

We’ve rounded up a selection of air fryers from the biggest brands, including Tefal, Tower, and Ninja, at a variety of price points. We’ll be updating this list of the best air fryer Black Friday deals as new models are added, others run out of stock, and more.

Best Amazon Deals

Amazon has extended its Black Friday sale to an entire week, so you’ve got a few more days to secure its best deals. The online retailer has slashed prices across almost all of its departments, with savings on vacuum cleaners, beauty products, fragrance, kitchenware, and consumer electronics.

Amazon has also dropped prices on its own devices, including Ring video doorbells, Blink security systems, Kindle eReaders, Fire TV streaming dongles, and Amazon Echo smart speakers. Many of these gadgets are now available for under £20. The Amazon Black Friday bonanza is enormous, but we’ve rounded up the best deals from the 2022 sale below.

As always, Prime members will get next-day delivery (and same-day delivery in some areas of the UK) at no extra cost. If you’re not a Prime subscriber, it’s worth taking out a 30-day free trial during the sales period (if you’ve taken out a free trial in the past, you might be eligible again – Amazon usually allows one free trial per account each year)

Best Ooni Pizza Oven Deals

Ooni is a much-loved pizza oven brand, but discounts can be few and far between. Fortunately, a number of Ooni pizza ovens have been slashed in the Black Friday sales, including wood-fired and outdoor models. If you want to make authentic wood-fired pizza in the comfort of your own home, these Black Friday deals are a great chance to snap-up a bargain.

First founded back in 2012, Ooni has become a huge success with customers and has a number of celebrity fans, including Dolly Parton, Bruce Willis and Drew Barrymore who have all shared posts showing them using an Ooni to cook dinner.

Find our definitive round-up of the best Ooni Black Friday deals below.

Best Sky TV Deals

Sky TV has kickstarted its Black Friday with record-low prices across its newest products, as well as some incredible broadband savings.

First up, Sky Glass and Sky Stream – the latest set-top boxes from the broadcaster – have both dropped to their lowest ever prices. Both of these options allow you to watch live Sky channels without a satellite dish, with everything beamed over your Wi-Fi connection instead. Better yet, Sky bundles a Netflix subscription with all of its plans, so you’ll be able to binge-watch the latest must-see boxset at no extra cost.

Broadband packages have also been dropped in the Black Friday sale, with fibre broadband speeds dropping by over £50 over the course of your contract. Sky relies on Openreach infrastructure for its broadband, so if you can get BT, EE, Plusnet, and TalkTalk at your address – you’ll be able to take advantage of these broadband Black Friday savings.

Find the latest Sky Black Friday deals below.

Best Sonos Deals

Sonos has unleashed its biggest ever Black Friday sale, with a number of its connected speakers and soundbars dropped to record-low price tags.

Whether you’re looking for a Dolby Atmos soundbar to upgrade the flimsy sound from your flatscreen television, want a few speakers to synchronise music, audiobook, podcasts or radio playback across different rooms in your house, or need a rugged Bluetooth speaker for garden parties – the Sonos Black Friday sale has some incredible savings!

While a number of high street retailers have matched these incredible price crashes, it’s worth noting that Sonos offers free nationwide delivery. As such, you’ll save more money buying direct from Sonos compared to others, like Argos.

Best Mattress Deals

Black Friday is one of the best times to upgrade to a new mattress. The biggest Bed In A Box brands have embraced the annual sales event, with huge savings available. Whether you’re looking for a memory foam, hybrid, or pocket-spring mattress – there is plenty of choice.

For those unfamiliar with Bed In A Box brands like SIMBA, Emma, and Nectar… these companies vacuum-pack mattresses to fit them inside a box, making delivery nice and simple. Since these brands are rarely found in showrooms, they all offer incredibly generous trial periods, with many offering up to one year sleeping on the mattress so you can thoroughly test it in every season. If you’re unhappy with the mattress at any point during those 365 nights, you can return it for a full refund.

Best iPhone Deals

Although you will find on the Apple Store each year, those looking for price cuts will be sorely disappointed.

Instead of dropping its prices, Apple bundles a Gift Card between £50-£250 in value with select purchases. For those already planning to buy accessories, cases, or another Apple gadget from the Apple Store, this isn’t a bad deal at all …however, it’s worth noting that other retailers have slashed prices on the best-selling iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 14 Pro.

If you’re looking for the best iPhone deals this Black Friday, we’d always opt for a discount on the device itself. Find the latest Black Friday iPhone deals below.

Best Foreo Deals

Swedish cleansing brand Foreo has been a huge hit with customers after its Luna facial-cleansing device went viral. The Luna 3, the latest in the range, is designed to clean and firm-up your skin. The Swedish designers behind the device say it’s clinically proven to remove 99.5% of dirt and oil from your skin.

But Foreo is more than one brush, with dozens of products to improve your cleansing and skincare routines – now with up to 50% off for Black Friday. In total, shoppers can save as much as £125 off some of the most popular products. If you’re looking to supercharge your morning and evening abolutions, we’ve rounded up the best Foreo Black Friday deals below.

As we get closer to Black Friday (November 25), more retailers are launching their Black Friday sales in a bid to get ahead of the rush. If you can’t wait for Black Friday, there are some brilliant discounts around already. And there are some advantages to shopping in the early Black Friday sales.

First up, you’re less likely to come afoul of stock shortages, which can cut some deals short on Black Friday. This is something we’ve seen in previous years and could mean you miss out on that one item you want for Christmas. Delivery dates can sometimes slip as huge numbers of shoppers add the same deal to their basket, meaning you could have to wait weeks to get your hands on your new purchase. That’s not ideal.

Those who want to spread out the cost of their Black Friday deal in affordable monthly or weekly repayments will have more time to chip away at the cost ahead of Christmas when buying early too.

And finally, a number of retailers have pledged that deal prices will not change on Black Friday itself, so you won’t miss out on digger discounts by waiting. The retailers that have set their Black Friday deals live already are…

What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday was started in the United States as a way for retailers to drum-up extra sales ahead of the holidays. The one-day sales event would see millions of people queue up outside high street shops to secure the best Black Friday deals, dubbed “doorbusters”. Held on the first Friday after the Thanksgiving celebrations, Black Friday is no longer confined to the shores of the United States – it has become a global phenomenon.

Retailers in the UK and Australia now regularly see more interest in Black Friday sales compared with the more traditional Boxing Day discounts. As such, shops are increasingly saving their best discounts and deals for Black Friday over all other shopping events.

Black Friday isn’t restricted to a certain category of products, with thousands of categories discounted in the sales. From games consoles to kitchenware, garden to beauty, fitness to furniture, alcohol to broadband contracts …almost every online store gets involved in the Black Friday sale.

Scroll down for everything you need to know about Black Friday 2022, including early Black Friday offers, our predictions on the best Black Friday deals, expert tips to secure the biggest discounts, early sales, and lessons from Black Friday 2021. Use the links to jump to the relevant section.

black friday 2022 online and high street

Black Friday 2022 is being embraced by online and high street stores across the UK (Image: GETTY)

When Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is being held on November 25, 2022.

Black Friday is held on a different day each year since it falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. In previous years, the Black Friday sales have fallen on:

  • Friday November 26, 2021
  • Friday November 27, 2020
  • Friday November 29, 2019
  • Friday November 23, 2018
  • Friday November 24, 2017

With Black Friday on Friday November 25, you can expect Cyber Monday sales to start on November 28, 2022.

Why Is It Called “Black Friday”?

It’s not entirely clear. One of the prevailing theories is that it refers to retailers getting “out of the red” – referring to the financial losses incurred in the autumn and Thanksgiving bank holiday – “and into the black” during the sales event. However, this explanation is pretty widely debunked (not that’s stopped it spreading).

In reality, the phrase seems to originate in the 1960s with police officers in Philadelphia, who used the term “Black Friday” to describe the chaos as thousands of tourists descended onto the city to begin their holiday shopping. This would often coincide with an annual Army-Navy football game, resulting in huge unmanageable crowds.

At the time, retailers railed against the term by branding their discounts and deals as “Big Friday”. Now, 60 years later, it’s pretty clear which term captured the public’s imagination.

What Does Martin Lewis Say About Black Friday?

Martin Lewis, one of the most trusted people in Britain, has some very simple advice for those browsing the Black Friday sales. The founder of MoneySavingExpert simply says: “If you were going to buy it anyway and it’s half price, you’ve saved 50%. If you weren’t going to buy it, but do because it’s half price you’ve wasted 100%.”

In other words: if you know exactly what you need to buy in the Black Friday sales – you can enjoy some incredible savings, but if you don’t need anything, it might be worth passing on the bargains no matter the discount.

Similar to Lewis’ suggestion, one of our Black Friday tips is to write a list of what you want to buy before you see a single deal. Scroll down for other advice to make the most of the sales.

In the last few months, Martin Lewis has been in serious demand, hosting a number of special editions of The Martin Lewis Show on ITV to help Britons save money on bills during the current cost-of-living crisis. Lewis also hosts a radio show, which is repackaged as a podcast, on BBC Five Live. Using both of these platforms, Martin Lewis has explained the impact of the latest Autumn Statement on households across the country.

In a recent appearance, MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis recommended using an electric blanket as a way to stay warm during the cold winter months, since using central heating costs are spiralling compared to previous years. In his guide, Lewis revealed that most electric blankets only cost as little as 3p per hour to power.

Unsurprisingly, the advice saw Google searches for heated blankets have shot up by 750 percent this year, while searches for electric blankets were up by 566 percent. If you want to follow the advice, there are some Black Friday deals on electric blankets – dropping the price to just £3.

What Happened In Black Friday 2021 Sales?

Black Friday 2021 was an unusual event as global supply chains were still in chaos due to the lockdowns imposed in countries around the world to limit the spread of Covid-19. As a result, some discounted items suffered low stock levels. The Xbox Series X and Sony PS5 were both in very short supply, with shoppers desperate to get their hands on the latest games consoles ready to wrap under the Christmas tree.

Argos, Currys and Amazon all started their Black Friday sales in mid-November, extending the sales from a single day to a fortnight. Despite stock issues that plagued the sales, Black Friday generated £9.2 billion in sales which was 15% more than the year before. This year, it’s only set to be even bigger as supply issues have (largely) been resolved.

black friday deals 2022 tips tricks

Searching for the best Black Friday deals? Take note of our expert tips and tricks (Image: GETTY)

Black Friday – Expert Tips, Tricks & Advice

To get that long-awaited air fryer or iPhone, here are some top tips and tricks to aid you with your shopping and give you the best advantage on Black Friday deals.

Write A List Before You Start Shopping

The easiest way to guarantee that you get everything you wanted in the Black Friday sales is to know exactly what you’re looking for. Sounds obvious, right? But as that credit card starts to burn a hole in your pocket as you see the thousands of discounted items calling to you… it can be difficult to stick strictly to your list.

First, Black Friday shoppers need to figure out exactly what they’re looking for. Have you just moved house and need garden, kitchen gadgets, and homeware? Or do you want to upgrade to a brand-new 4K TV for those winter movie nights or to see the difference with your brand-new PS5 or Xbox Series X? Or are you looking to buy Christmas presents for friends and family? Whatever it is, start by writing out a list of some must-have items and then figure out what budget you would like to spend.

This helps to prevent you from buying products you don’t actually want or need.

If you’re unsure of what product you want but know the type of item i.e an air fryer, it’s a good idea to do research ahead of the day on the top reviewed models out there. That way you can look out for discounts on the items and you won’t blindly spend on an air fryer that’s subpar in performance. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with a number of in-depth reviews and guides to help you find the perfect product for you. Check out some of our guides below…

Get Amazon Prime (Or Sign Up For Free)

If you want to get the best deals available in Amazon’s Black Friday sale, you’ll need to be a Prime member.

For those who don’t know, Amazon Prime is a membership scheme that unlocks a slew of benefits for those who shop on Amazon UK. Prime members enjoy exclusive 30-minute early access to all Lightning Deals (time-limited discounts that roll-out throughout the Black Friday deals) so you can get ahead of the crowds and secure these deals before stock runs out.

Not only that, but Prime members enjoy next-day delivery at no extra cost (and same-day delivery in some parts of the country) so you’ll get your hands on your new item before anyone else too! If you’re thinking of shopping in the Amazon Black Friday sales, you really need to be a Prime member.

Prime membership costs £8.99 per month, although Amazon offers a free 30-day trial that unlocks all of the benefits listed above. Even if you’ve taken advantage of a Prime trial in the past, it’s worth checking whether your account is eligible for the free trial again as Amazon allows customers to test its Prime service roughly once-a-year or so. You can see whether you’re able to get Prime membership for free during the Black Friday sales by clicking here.

Prime isn’t just about speedy delivery and early access to deals, there’s a dizzying number of other perks, including free PC games, exclusive TV shows and movies via Prime Video, ad-free podcasts, unlimited photo backup, an upgrade for your Deliveroo account, and much, much more. You can find the full list of Prime benefits here.

Look At Older Products For The Best Savings

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for retailers to shift older stock from their warehouses. While it’s possible to get discounts, deals and bundles on the latest products …if you’re happy with a previous model of the same product, you can unlock some huge savings.

Items like Dyson vacuum cleaners, air fryers, laptops, and streaming set-top boxes don’t change radically with each new release. If you’re happy to forgo the latest and greatest, there are some serious savings to be found. Of course, you’ll need to ensure that the product you’re looking at meets your criteria – but provided there’s little to separate last year’s model form the latest release, it’s worth plumping for the older model to unlock bigger discounts during the Black Friday sales.

Amazon Warehouse is a little-known section of the online store where Amazon sells returned items for a discount. It also offers products that have seen their packaging damaged in shipping – these items are still new but most look as if they’ve been sat on in transit. Of course, all of the same money-back guarantees and hardware warranties are brand-new items apply to Amazon Warehouse purchase, so if anything is actually broken you’ll be able to get a full refund.

So why would you want to buy an item with torn packaging? Or an unwanted gift that someone has returned?

The simple answer is that Amazon Warehouse items are much cheaper than their brand-new counterparts. Better yet, Amazon has slashed an extra 10% off everything in the Black Friday sales, making these deals even more affordable. Even items that have been heavily discounted in the Black Friday deals could be beaten by Warehouse promotions!

Check out the latest listings in Amazon Warehouse below.

Check For Cashback

It’s possible to combine the savings offered by some retailers in their Black Friday sales with cashback offers from other websites – doubling the discounts!

Seasoned bargain-hunters will likely be familiar with TopCashback. For those who don’t know, TopCashback partners with thousands of retailers to direct its users to these online stores, and receives a commission for doing so. The website generously shares this commission with its users, which helps them receive money off their purchases. By heading to TopCashback before you make your purchase …you can get an extra percentage off the total cost of everything in your shopping basket.

This can be claimed via a bank transfer (this will take a little longer to process), transferring to a PayPal account or topping up a gift card to spend online. 

For a limited time, new TopCashback members can unlock a £15 discount that can be applied to hundreds of items discounted in the Black Friday sales!

Be Aware Of Black Friday Scams

Black Friday is a brilliant opportunity to secure some huge discounts. With the huge amount of interest from bargain-hunters, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that scammers and hackers also take advantage of the sales to try to trick more people than ever before. We’ve rounded up some useful tips to make sure you avoid the most common Black Friday scams…

1. Suspicious Links

This could be anything from an email, text message or online advert – if it doesn’t seem legitimate, don’t click it. There are a few ways you can check the legitimacy of a text or email – clicking on the contact information of the sender can provide insight; if the email address or phone number of the sender doesn’t match up with that of the company they’re associating themselves with, it’s likely fake.

2. Browser Extensions

Around Black Friday a lot of “money-saving” browser extensions start appearing – be cautious with these, some are legitimate but some have been developed by scammers for phishing data. In short, avoid installing any new browser extensions relating to finances around this time of year – the most legitimate Black Friday savings will be found through the company websites directly. If you do opt to install extensions, be sure to do your research – putting the name through sites like TrustPilot can help identify any suspicions.

3. Billing Scams

Scammers might send you a message claiming to be a company you’ve bought from, telling you that your payment has not gone through and that you need to update your payment information immediately. They might back this up with a sense of urgency, claiming that you will miss out on the deal. If you are faced with a message like this, it’s best to contact the company directly to ensure that you aren’t sending your details to an external source.

4. Unfamiliar Websites

It’s easy to get lost in the deals of Black Friday, but it’s important to check where you’re ordering from. A lot of scammers will create fake websites claiming to sell products for an “amazing” price, when in fact they are using the opportunity to retrieve your data and bank details. Before purchasing anything from a site you don’t recognise, search the name on TrustPilot to ensure they’re a legitimate seller, but ultimately it’s best to avoid unfamiliar sites, especially around this time of year.

5. Verification Code Scams

This scam is used by hackers to get through a two-factor authentication put in place to protect your data – they may pose as your bank or a company you’ve recently purchased from, claiming that you need to confirm a verification code in order to finalise a purchase. These scammers will often already have your password and username, but with the verification, will be able to access more of your data.

When Will Black Friday Deals End?

That’s a tough one. It depends on the retailer, while a number of brands are set to bring their biggest Black Friday discounts to a close at 11.59pm on November 25, some online retailers will extend their biggest discounts until Monday November 28, which is sometimes referred to as “Cyber Monday” – traditionally, a blockbuster one-day sales event for online retailers.

However, with Black Friday embraced by online retailers (not just the high street stores that originated the sales in the United States) the lines between Black Friday and Cyber Monday have started to blur in recent years. Never assume that your favourite deal will stick around until 11.59pm on Monday November 28. If you want a specific deal, it’s best to add it to your basket as soon as possible. After all, even if the deal does last until Monday, it could be out-of-stock with the huge demand during the bonanza on Friday.

Which Is Best Black Friday or January Sales?

Once upon a time, there was no competition between these two sales – with January sales, also known as Boxing Day sales, seeing blockbuster discounts on must-have gadgets, kitchenware, furniture, clothing, and more. However, Black Friday is increasingly becoming the global sales event – and its position just before the holiday season makes it a perfect opportunity to secure Christmas presents at a discounted rate.

As each year passes, we’re increasingly seeing retailers embrace Black Friday sales over everything else. Stores are extending the amount of time that Black Friday deals are available, from a single 24-hour period to multiple days – or even weeks. Make no mistake, there will be some brilliant deals available in January, but the sales period isn’t embraced with the same excitement as Black Friday.

Black Friday is also unmatched when it comes to cutting costs with subscriptions – from mobile phone deals, broadband, and television packages – Black Friday sees dozens of brands slash the cost of their most popular bundles. These prices remain for the duration of your contract, so you’ll continue to save over the following 12-, 18-, or 24-months. That’s not something that can be said for the January sales, which often focus on any excess stock that retailers are trying to shift at a discounted rate following the Christmas shopping spree.

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