Inside Sarah Ferguson’s £30million home where she will be joined by the Queen's corgis

Prince William and Kate ‘might move to royal lodge’ says host

Best known as Fergie to many, the Duchess of York has remained close to the since her “amicable” split from her former husband in 1992. While the Duke of York was recently stripped of his military affiliations and royal patronages, has retained her Duchess status and continues to be involved with other members of the family including her two daughters, and . The proud mother of two was recently outed for investing in a £5million Mayfair for the pair – not far from her own home at Royal Lodge in .

Where does Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York live?

The 62-year-old has enjoyed a busy career as both an author and TV personality, but Fergie is most famous for marrying Queen Elizabeth II’s third child.

After saying their vows in 1986, Fergie and Andrew moved to their first marital home in Ascot at Sunninghill Park.

Worth £15million when it sold in 2016, the estate was gifted to the pair and custom built-in 1987.

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Sarah Ferguson/ Royal Lodge in 2002

Inside Sarah Ferguson’s £30million home where she will be joined by the Queen’s corgis (Image: GETTY/ PRESS ASSOCIATION)

Sarah Ferguson at the Venice Film Festival 2022

Sarah Ferguson flew back from the Venice film festival to visit family when Queen Elizabeth II died (Image: GETTY)

In 2002, Prince Andrew inherited Royal Lodge following the death of the Queen Mother and moved his family into the 30-bedroom property shortly after.

Despite becoming divorced in 1996, the Duke and Duchess of York continued to live in the family home, where they remain to this day.

During an interview in 2015, Fergie said: “Andrew and I, we’re the happiest divorced couple in the world – extraordinary, really, isn’t it?

“We live in the same house, but then, it’s a big house, so that’s ok.

“But I think it’s really good that we believe in compromise and communication and compassion. And family.”

Royal Lodge pictured in 1800s

Royal Lodge was first built in the 1600s and has undergone major renovations since (Image: GETTY)

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson romantic timelines

Sarah Ferguson lost her HRH title upon her divorce but retained her Duchess status (Image: THE EXPRESS)

Even in recent years when her ex-husband was involved in the Jeffery Epstein scandal, the Duchess remained in the same home as him.

She even publicly declared that she would stand by Andrew “every step of the way” throughout the ordeal.

However, the pair won’t be alone in the property for long, with two new members on their way to join them.

A spokesperson for the Duke of York recently confirmed that he and Sarah will take on Muick and Sandy – two of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved corgis.

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Princes Eugenie on wedding day at Royal lodge

Both Princess Beatrice and Eugenie celebrated their weddings at Royal Ldodge (Image: GETTY)

Muick was purchased by Prince Andrew during the lockdown in 2021, alongside a corgi named Fergus who were both given as gifts to his mother.

When Fergus died in May 2021, in the aftermath of Prince Philip’s death, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie gifted a new corgi named Sandy to their grandmother for her official 95th birthday.

With plenty of space in the £30million mansion, the dogs are likely to have their very own rooms to enjoy while they’re not running around the 21 acres of private gardens which surround the house.

As expected, every inch of the royal residence is a sight to behold – from the grand exterior to the intricate interior details.

Map of royal residences UK

The Royal Family own several properties and estates across the UK (Image: THE EXPRESS)

Where is Royal Lodge?

The former home of the Queen Mother is a Grade II listed building in Windsor Great Park, just five miles from Windsor Castle.

Nearby are the new Prince and Princess of Wales, William, and Kate, who recently relocated to Windsor Castle with their three children.

While the property is one of several well-known estates now owned by the Monarch, it was not used for the Royal Family until the 1930s.

Before this, it was used as accommodation for various officers of the Royal Household.

The plush country retreat has around 30 rooms in the main building, including seven bedrooms, and a saloon.

Inside, the pair enjoy their own space in separate parts of the Royal property.

While the lodge is not open to the public, fans have seen a glimpse of the house through Sarah’s Instagram and YouTube channels.

The Duchess has been spotted in a homely-looking dining area filled with flowers, a cosy rug, and simplistic white blinds.

Elsewhere in Royal Lodge, tall windows are decorated with long drapes, and gold detailing can be seen throughout.

The family-oriented pair also keep plenty of photographs up around the house.

A mixture of green and cream walls line the spacious rooms, which look onto the evergreen gardens which surround the mansion.

It is believed that Andrew has invested millions of pounds of his own money into refurbishment costs at the Windsor home, with neither him or Fergie showing interest in moving out.

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