King Charles 'in no rush' to move to Buckingham – as 'reluctant' as Queen Elizabeth II was

Charles waves, Clarence House

Charles and Camilla have called Clarence House home since 2003 (Image: GETTY)

and have resided at Clarence House since 2003, shortly after the death of the former resident, the Queen Mother.

While it is custom for the monarch to reside at , considered the royal headquarters, the King and Queen Consort are famously yet to leave their current home.

Despite being tipped to move their life to the central London residence later this year, royal historian and commentator Mok O’Keeffe (@gayaristo) suggested it could be a significant wait until that happens.

Even after the staggering £369million worth of renovations are complete, Charles could remain “reluctant” to move to the famous property.

Speaking exclusively to, Mok revealed that this could be down to the personal connection the King has to Clarence House, which is deeply rooted in his family history.

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Clarence House is situated close to Buckingham Palace, but is more private (Image: Getty)

The royal expert said: “Clarence House is situated just off the Mall, a short stroll from Buckingham Palace – should the King wish to walk to work.

“William III built it and before the King took up residence, it was the home to his much-loved grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. In her later years, she would make public appearances on her birthday, at the gates of Clarence House.

“The King has spoken with much warmth about spending time at home with his grandmother – he has shared that as a child, Clarence House was always full of laughter and love.

“Although this is an official residence, with Highgrove in Gloucestershire seen as the King’s private home, like all of us, the King has filled it with mementoes of family and created an interior that reflects his personal interests.”

Audiences With King Charles III At Buckingham Palace

Charles often conducts official business at Buckingham Palace – keeping his work and home separate (Image: Getty)

While the decision to leave the iconic white house in St James’s is ultimately down the Charles, the significance of his address is even more critical since the coronation.

Mok said: “Now that Charles is King, his official business will move to Buckingham Palace. Whilst most monarchs live “above the shop” at the Palace, the King does not seem to be in any rush to move there.

“The Queen felt the same reluctance when she ascended the throne, partly because Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh had just overseen an extensive renovation of Clarence House.

“I suspect that King Charles III may conduct most of his state business at Buckingham Palace, but he and the Queen will continue to use Clarence House as their London home.”

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Charles and Camilla have filled the St James’s property with touching tributes to family (Image: Getty)

Though the King and Queen seem in no immediate rush to make the Pall Mall spot their main abode, the royal expert suggested that Prince William “may be considered as a future resident”.

However, Mok noted that “with such a young family”, the central London location would “incur significant travel for Catherine who frequently does the school run”, compared to their current address on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

For now, Charles is expected to remain in his deeply personalised home, which is brimming with heartfelt tributes to his immediate family.

On his own visits to Clarence House, Mok observed the touching details throughout the building. He said: “Just outside the portico entrance the King has created a garden in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. When I visited Clarence House, it has always struck me that this is very much a home, as well as a place of official business.”

The royal historian continued: “The sitting room is filled with photographs of the family. Private occasions with his Grandchildren and a wedding photograph of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can be seen on display, alongside photographs of the late Queen’s Coronation.

“Many of us like to relax into a comfy chair, with a book, and the King’s sitting room has a selection of gardening and art books – reflecting his love of organic methods and Islamic art.

“His office overlooks the garden, reflecting his love of nature. And as well as the usual paintings of horses and noble that you would find in a royal residence, at Clarence House the King has pieces of artwork and sculptures by favourite his artists – reflecting his wide tastes and interest in the Middle East.

“We must remember that Clarence House is a place of work – therefore it has an official function to present the image of the monarch and Brand Britain.

“This is reflected in the grand red-carpeted corridors, formal furniture and royal heirlooms, including priceless porcelain and paintings of previous monarchs. There is also a nod to Charles’swork – with pictures of a meeting with President Obama and visits supporting The Prince’s Trust.”

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