Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: How to Mrs Hinch your home

Self-proclaimed ‘cleaning mad’ Sophie Hinchcliffe has amassed 3.4 million followers on Instagram. Her ‘Hinch Army’ fan base religiously follow her tips, as seen on social media and in her three best-selling books. has rounded up Mrs Hinch’s best cleaning tips for you to try at home.

How to clean your sink

Mrs Hinch’s kitchen cleaning routine is logical. First, she tends to the sink.

Pours some soda crystals down your drain, and then follow up with some white vinegar. Let it fizz.

Give your kitchen a room makeover by pouring a dash of Mrs Hinch’s favourite product– Zoflora – down the sink. Let it sit for five minutes.

Next, fill the kettle to the maximum limit and boil the water. Pour the contents down the sink to wash away the soda crystals.

Next wipe another cult favourite, The Pink Stuff cleaning paste, all over the sink. Then, wipe it away.

Then, use a Pine disinfectant and wipe the whole sink with a Minky cloth.
Finally, use a Cif Stainless Steel spray all over the basin.

Leave it for 10 minutes, and wipe off with the Spontext Microfibre Kitchen cloths.

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Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: mrs hinch

Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: Mrs Hinch is the queen of clean, here’s how to clean your house just like h (Image: ITV)

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Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: Read Mrs Hinch’s books for more tips (Image: @mrshinchhome on Instagram)

How to clean your fridge

Mrs Hinch starts by emptying the contents of the fridge and dumping any food that is out of date.

Take out all storage baskets, and fill them with Fairy Platinum and warm water. Leave to soak.

Pop all racks, shelves, and drawers in the sink to soak in Fairy Platinum.

Avoid using neat disinfectants or general kitchen cleaners in the fridge because they could contaminate your fridge and food with harmful chemicals.

Use your cloth to wash the inside of the fridge with some Pink Stuff paste or cleaner.

Wipe down the baskets, shelves, drawers and racks after they’ve been soaked and simply leave them to air-dry

Wait until everything is completely dry before putting it all back together. Finally, put the food back in.

Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: woman cleaning her fridge

Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: Follow Mrs Hinch’s tips to achieve the cleanest fridge ever (Image: Getty)

How to clean your oven

Take the racks out and soak them in warm water and washing up liquid. Then, scrub them with your Minky and Cif Power and Shine.

Put a tea towel on the floor to prevent any mess, and open the open. Pop some Pink Stuff paste on your wet Minky.

Wipe the oven to get rid of any crumbs from the door, and then the inside of the oven. Leave to sit for five minutes.

Do the same with the racks. Keep rinsing out your cloth as you go along, and adding more Pink Stuff.

Rinse your cloth with water only and wipe the oven down. Dry it with kitchen roll and make sure it is completely dry.

Spray your oven door with pine disinfectant, and then follow up with white vinegar spray on the glass. Rub it in with your cloth.

Rinse the racks in the sink, getting rid of all bubbles.

Use an oven liner in the bottom of the oven to catch the dirt. Wipe down with a damp cloth on both sides and leave it to air dry.

Replace all the shelves and racks.

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How to clean your mattress

Mrs Hinch has some useful tips for cleaning your mattress, too.

Firstly, strip your bedsheets and fill a sieve with bicarbonate of soda.

Sprinkle it all over the mattress and rub it in with a rubber glove.

Let it sit for an hour, and hoover it off. You will be left with a sparkling clean and stain-free mattress.

How to clean your radiators

We often forget to clean our radiators, but this is an essential step to a clean home.

Mrs Hinch says to use a diluted Zoflora mix on all radiators in the house.

Spray it on a cloth and wipe down the radiators.

That’s it! Make sure you get into every crevice.

There you have a clean and gorgeous smelling radiator.

Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: Person cleaning an over

Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: Give your oven a thorough clean with this method (Image: Getty)

How to clean your bathroom

Clean out everything from your bathroom- toilet rolls, products, scales, towels, everything!

Use a dry tumble drier sheet on your towel rails to remove all the dust.

Use a B&M Scrub Buddy Cleaning Pad with Stainless Steel Cif and wipe the towel rail down. Buff up with your cloth.

Take a Pledge fluffy duster starter kit a remove all dust from your window sills and surfaces.

Spray all surfaces with Flash bathroom and wipe down with a cloth.

Your toilet needs some TLC, next. Use Harpic bleach, making sure you get the nozzle of the bottle right on the rim of the seat.

Wipe the whole toilet, from the lid to the body to the seat, with Cif Power and Shine wipes.

Pour Flash Bathroom into the sink and wipe it down with your Minky cloth.

Next, turn your attention to the bath if you have one. Pour Flash into it and rinse with water from the tap.

Then, spray the shower and taps with Viakal and leave five minutes maximum.

Spray the shower screen with Astonish Mould to keep it looking flawless for longer. Wipe with Minky to get any build-up off.

Rinse the shower with Viakal, and wash the Astonish off the glass. Clean it to perfection with Minky and then the Kermit cloth.

Dust any skirting boards with the cleaning pads and then mop.

Pour a cap of Zoflora into the bath, and one onto the toilet brush holder.

Use Cif Stainless Steel spray on anything metallic in the shower, taps, and sinks.

Put a capful of Bloo Aroma down your toilet and leaver it overnight to remove limescale.

How to clean your living room

Use a duster to dust all surfaces, first and foremost.

Wipe down all surfaces after using sheen. Then spray the sofa with Detol All In One spray.

Sprinkle 1001 carpet spray and leave on the carpet.

If you have leather furniture, use leather wipes to get them to smell fresh and keep them looking brand new.

Use Elbow Grease Degreaser on glass and mirrors to remove smudges and then wipe down with a cloth.

Uses Febreeze on sofas and curtains, and stick a tumble dryer sheet in each cushion.

Spray Dettol Disinfectant Spray on the doors.

Finally, uses a pet brush on your sofa once a week. Then, run the hoover over it.

How to clean your bedroom

Your bedroom is where you spend all night, so you better keep it spotless.

When you wake up, spray your bed with Dettol spray to add an appealing smell.

Mix up a concoction of fabric softener and water in a spray bottle and use it to spray your duvet and pillows as often as you like.

Use a duster to get all the dust from your bed head and chairs.

Use a tumble dryer sheet to wipe down your blinds, and pop one in each pillowcase to encourage them to smell freshly washed every day.

Use Astonish Window and Glass and wipe down with a cloth to clean mirrors and glass.

Spray Sheen on every surface and dust.

Finally, vacuum your skirting boards with the relevant attachment.

Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: Man making his bed

Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: Start your day by freshening up your sheets (Image: Getty)

How to clean your dining room

Dilute some Zoflora with water, and pour it onto your dining table. Rub it in with Pinky paste.

Use your fabric conditioner spray on the curtains in the room, and then turn your attention to your carpet.

Spray it with 1001 and leave it. Dust all the surfaces, with a duster and sheen.

Spritz door handles with Dettol Disinfectant spray to make sure they’re clean and sanitised.

How to clean your stairs, hall, or landing

Vacuum all of the floor, and then spray carpets with 1001.

Pop a capful of fabric conditioner in some warm water in a washing up bowl.

Dust the skirting boards to get rid of dirt, and then clean down with the mixture.

This will remove marks without removing the paint. Use your cloth to rub it in.

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