Samsung Sero TV review: An expensive twist on Samsung's winning formula

Samsung Sero review (Image: SAMSUNG)

If you’re looking for a TV with a twist, Sero may have grabbed your attention. This television was announced earlier this year and offers a pretty unique viewing experience as it can spin from portrait to landscape orientations at the touch of a button. Now, the first question that likely came to your mind is “why?” and the answer is pretty simple, according to Samsung. As we shoot more and more photos and videos on our smartphone in a portrait orientation, it makes sense for our goggleboxes to adapt – saving us from watching everything filmed on our phones with humongous black borders on either side.

After all, why would you want to scroll through your Instagram feed on the small screen when you could beam it to something much bigger and better. The idea sounds pretty nifty, but what’s the Sero really like when placed in your living room? has been giving it a spin and here are our thoughts.

Let’s kick things off by saying the Sero is certainly unlike anything else we’ve used before. It’s a very unique television and actually looks more like a piece of furniture than a giant TV. When switched off it automatically spins into portrait mode which actually makes it appear much less domineering in your living room.

To help boost the aesthetics further, Samsung has included some fun animations so you can turn the telly into a warming fireplace or softly glowing candles – it’s a nice touch and makes the big screen useful even when you’re not bingeing on boxsets.

Switch things on and you can decide how you want to use this TV with some simple settings allowing it to mimic what’s on your smartphone.

The Sero

The Sero can be used just like a giant smartphone (Image: SAMSUNG)

Set it to portrait mode and you get the full-screen experience of apps, like Instagram, appearing without the giant black bars you’d usually see on a standard TV. This makes it far easier to watch with friends or family members – rather than passing around a small phone screen. Of course, everything looks stunning on the pin-sharp 43-inch OLED display.

You can even get the TV to spin as you rotate the device in your hand which is a fun little gimmick.

This is certainly a nice way of viewing content from popular apps such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok or Instagram but you’d either have to pretty rich or a total addict to buy this TV just for this experience.

The Sero costs well over £1,200 which is around three times the price of a standard 4K 43-inch TV that doesn’t swivel. It’s a high a price to pay for getting your fix of social media on the big screen and only you can decide if want to fork out that kind of money. Of course, this is not just a telly for viewing social media on. When you fancy watching some Netflix you simply tap a button on the remote and the Sero gracefully spins into landscape mode.