These are the most popular business loan types in Australia

Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or you’ve been running your own show for over a decade, having the right business loan up your sleeve can be a key ingredient to success. When used responsibly, a business loan not only helps to keep your firm afloat during tough times, but it’s also handy when you need extra funds to seize any growth or innovation opportunities

About the author

Katherine O’Chee is the lead business banking writer at Australian financial comparison site Mozo, where she spends her days digging through banking fine print and sharing her latest money tips with businesses to help them make smarter financial decisions.

Some businesses may not realise just how many options are available in the market, from standard business loans and lines of credit through to more specialised options for invoices or equipment. Depending on your firm’s needs and financial position, some of these business loans will work better for you than others.

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