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Maximising potential: CMA founder and CEO – Mike Rhodes (Image: ConsultMyApp)

App Marketer Pro puts the power in the hands of enterprises, from startups to mid-size firms, with a self-management service (from £3,000 a year). This enables them to get a clear picture of what’s going on so they can maximise the potential of their app without having to rely on a disparate stream of agencies, spreadsheets, sporadic reports and multiple data suppliers.

The platform is also aiming to be a catalyst for other firms who have so far shied away from the technology, usually because of cost and complexity, and are now missing out or risk being left behind completely as the digital shift speeds up. 

Global app download numbers rose to 35 billion with investment in them close to £21 billion in the latter half of 2020. 

In a digital world the app is the main touch point for the consumer, something they may well log into daily, a more frequent action than visiting a store. 

Investing in an app will cost tens of thousands of pounds however, and building is just the start.  

It’s what happens next – the follow-up strategy and regular checks – that really matters because if an app doesn’t deliver what a customer wants, they will uninstall, with three days being the benchmark test. 

pure gym

CMA’s work brought Pure Gym former members back into the fold (Image: ConsultMyApp)

“It’s retention by understanding end users’ behaviour that counts, otherwise it’s money down the drain,” declares CMA founder and chief executive Mike Rhodes.   

It was this key point, even now often overlooked, that was the market opportunity spurring the former data security specialist to set up CMA in 2016.

Today the business focuses on three core areas: implementing app management for clients, growing apps and engaging users.  

Its sophisticated AI bidding machine ensures digital app campaigns are maximised using round-the-clock App Store data.

“We help to build strategies, design paid-media budget plans and optimise app campaigns to drive the highest quality traffic at the lowest cost,” explains Rhodes. “We know what apps are struggling and can offer tangible alternatives for better results. 


Businesses can focus on growing users to generate profitable revenue (Image: Getty)

“Companies need to be transparent with customers about how data is used, so clear messaging and design are vital. 

“Businesses need to see how an app is increasing sales and customer engagement. For consumers it is being left in no doubt about the benefits it brings to their lives.” 

Rhodes began as a one-man band with £10,000 of his own savings and has so far pursued an organic expansion strategy, primarily through securing long-term contracts with customers.  

Fast growth propelled by the mobile app boom saw CMA grow 170 percent during 2021 with a £5 million plus turnover forecast for this year.   

Now headquartered in the City’s iconic Gherkin building, Rhodes chose the stunning location deliberately not just as a motivation for his team but as a statement about the business being a beacon for the capital becoming one of the world’s leading tech hubs. 

CMA now works across 21 countries, can offer fluency in 15 languages and has 45 consultants in its team.   


The city’s iconic Gherkin is a statement for capital (Image: Getty)

Sixty-four percent of these are female. “Our hires are based on creative raw talent and merit irrespective of industry stereotypes,” Rhodes points out as he steers CMA towards B Corp certification by the end of this year. 

The business’s “expert technical insight coupled with rounded business understanding is geared for the new mobile app world,” he says, “by connecting marketing, technology and commercial insight we leverage innovation”. 

While CMA does not build apps it can advise and handhold on what technology is needed so the basics are in place to appeal to users.    

Build costs range from £20,000 to £30,000 for starters plus a few thousand more to ensure the app is a peak performer. For operations needing complex infrastructure such as on-demand food delivery services the cost of creating an app could top £10 million  

“Our recent move into the software and training space provides clients with an ability to service in-house, outsourced or hybrid teams,” adds Rhodes who is now working with some of the world’s biggest brands.  

Signing with General Motors was a “pinch yourself” moment he says and business banking platform Tide, motoring group the RAC and leading fitness chain Pure Gym are also part of CMA’s portfolio. 

For Virgin Media O2 the company helped its app adapt to more home-based lifestyles by increasing the rewards package with the likes of virtual events and online fitness classes. This grew market share by 78 percent and app installs rose by 54 percent over just three months. 

For Pure Gym stepping up mobile messaging and emails to former members brought them back into the fold and pushed up the conversion rate by 206 percent. 

“Showing value is imperative these days,” says Rhodes. “It’s not acceptable even for the biggest companies these days to spend £20 million and get just £10 million back. Apps like everything else have to pull their weight and that’s what we make them do.”  

www.consultmyapp.com – App Marketer Pro is currently being trialled and offered free to businesses for six months 

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